Woodland Co-Inventor of The Barcode Dies

Norman Woodland, co-creator of the ubiquitous barcode has passed away at the age of 91. The barcode, since its inception has been the inspiration for futurists, designers, conspiracy theorists as well as technologists the world over. When ionCreative designed a new visual language for Vibe magazine the barcode played a prominent role in that communication. The reason for this is simple. Much like Woodland, we wanted to create an efficient way to inventory the sections of the magazine without using words. Our formula incorporated symbology with icons, numerals and most importantly the barcode as a guide to periodical, section, page and barcode; a tribute to the fact that this was something to be inventoried as a classic in your library. The inspiration of Norman Woodland and his revolutionary barcode (or Universal Product Code as it is more commonly known) is alive and radiating energy at ionCreative in addition to  being scanned over 5 billion times daily.